About Equaide

Equaide is manufactured in the USA where it was originally developed for the Thoroughbred horse industry.  

My own horse, Dolliver, developed a nasty wound on the back of his knee. After 4 months of no progress I tried Equaide and never looked back.  The wound was all but healed within a fortnight of first applying Equaide. 

Since then, Equaide has helped countless horses and saved their owners hundreds of pounds on vet bills.  Just have a trawl through the case studies on this website, and read the testimonials.  Or give me a call if you would prefer to speak to someone first hand.

It is not just horses who benefit from Equaide.  With the exception of cats, Equaide can be used on any animal wound.

We also provide Equaide to veterinarians and the number is increasing all the time as word gets around.  If you are a vet and would like to speak to another vet about the product, please do drop me a line and I will put you in contact.

We can provide Equaide throughout the United Kingdom and the Euro Zone.  We can also post to certain other countries, if you cannot find your country on the postage options when placing your order, please get in touch.

Some key facts:

  • Equaide supports the natural healing process and provides an ideal environment for healing to take place.  

  • Equaide is water-based so it won't burn, blister or scar like alcohol-based products 

  • Equaide stays on the wound, formulated so it doesn’t run or drip off 

  • Equaide has a natural fly repellent 

  • Equaide is great for elimination of proud flesh, wire cuts, scrapes and bites, cracked heels, scratches and other minor wounds 

  • Equaide can be used on fresh or older cuts/abrasions 

  • Equaide is safe for surrounding tissues, will not burn, blister or scar

  • Equaide has a long shelf life.  If it hardens, just add a few drops of water and mix well to soften

Our 2 oz jars of Equaide are fully guaranteed.  If you are unhappy for any reason, please return the remaining product within 60 days for a full refund of the purchase price. We stand behind it, because Equaide really works. We also encourage you to review the directions and please give us a call if you feel you aren't getting the results you expected. We want to help you and your horse!

Additional information and FAQ are available here

Equaide is a non-medicinal veterinary product. Guidance on the marketing of Equaide in the UK has been obtained from the Veterinary Medicines Directorate. ©Equine First Aid 2008