Karen P of Reading emails "I bought a trial size of Equaide for a nasty cut my horse got on a fun ride. I did wonder what I'd bought when I first got it as it looked like Airfix model plane paint and the amount seemed tiny.  But I soon realised I didn't need very much and so it has lasted really well. It has kept the cut clean and it has healed really well, there is no proud flesh at all.  The edges have really closed in nicely.  I did find I needed to put Summer Fly Cream on over the top, but we do have very bad flies at the moment, so that's no surprise.  I will be buying a full size pot when this one runs out."

Ginny B of Devon says ""I have been using Equaide as a part of the healing process after my horse was hit by a car suffering a large laceration to his neck. I am so impressed with the product, the healing has not been short of miraculous and the scar tissue has been kept to a minimum from regular use of Equaide over the past few months. The help and advice I received upon contacting Tania at Equine First Aid has been very valuable. I would recommend Equaide to anyone dealing with wounds and scars and will certainly be keeping a pot in my first aid kit amongst other essentials!"  See case study 17

Nikki C of Dorset says "I recently bought Equaide from you for my mares hock injury. She had proud flesh which had to be cut off by the vet, this returned two weeks later after she was kept in a small area to reduce movement. As you can see in the first picture this is the regrowth of the proud flesh. I looked online and thought I needed to try something as Mills can be stressed by things and I did not want to keep repeating cutting off the flesh. She was kept in her small area and the Equaide put on and bandaged. Within a couple of days it had halved in size. Within a week I was able to turn her out with her companion as it was flat to the surface. Now it is just a small scabbed area. I still apply daily as a protective layer. The picture is not the best as I have showed the ointment on it and the area is smaller than where I have put the clay.  As a time indicator, I ordered the Equaide on 9/12/14 and spoke to you on 10/12/14 so I did not start treatment until about the 12/12/14. 2nd photo was taken on 29/12/14

Deane M of Leeds says "Thank you so much for your continuing help. I've recommended Equaide to everyone! Even my vet and farrier were very impressed."  The first photo below shows Rio's wound as at 10/09/14, prior to application of Equaide.  The second was taken on 10/10/14

Rosalind S of Symington says "Just to let you know that, 2 months after starting to use this amazing product, my mare Garbo's horrific facial injuries are significantly reduced in size.  I shall send you the photos in sequence when I think that the wounds have completely healed. Here is the latest which I took on Monday, along with the one I took 10 weeks ago, 10 hours after her accident. My grateful thanks! [see Case Study 15 for more detailed information on this case]

Odette Owens in France says: "here is the update of "Commander's" leg after the treatment. The wound is completely closed now and we are left with the outer pink scar tissue which we are still treating daily very delicate but we are pleased to announce he is back in full ridden work and looking forward to his first showjumping show very soon. Thanks to the amazing treatment. Maybe you will post his story & photos on your website [see case study 13] as a positive result and a horse that has gained his life back as a showjumper & we will keeep you informed on his progress as hopefully he should have a future now to develop." 

Allison B of Sheffield says "Just wanted to say a big thank you to you for all your help and assistance and also to Equaide. As you can see below (this picture was taken about 3 weeks ago), the results are amazing considering the initial wound. I am only left with a little scar and that has reduced slightly since this picture, so in time may become even smaller but if it doesn't not to worry, I can cope with this.  I will make sure I leave great feedback on your website and if you ever need to put anyone in touch for me to give a first hand experience of the product you are more than welcome."
[See case study 14]

Sarah B of Sheffield says "I thought I'd show you how Cracker's leg is looking now [see Case Study 12] as well as a few photos from along the way of healing. After 4 weeks strict box-rest (didn't leave her 4 stable walls!) and 3 weeks of restricted turn-out, she is now thankfully back out enjoying herself 24/7 in the field with her mates! I have no doubt whatsoever that without Equaide this process would have taken a lot longer, and I'm sure we wouldn't be where we are now. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so, so much for all your help and advice - I never thought a little £30 tub of black stuff that dries like clay would ever be able to make such a difference - how wrong I was! Not only is the product fantastic, I am truly grateful for the advice you gave me to accompany it. I will forever keep a pot of it in my first aid kit."

Randall C & "Sandown Sue" of Buckinghamshire says "Just wanted to say a big thank you and to Equaide as there is no doubt at all we would not be where we are now without it."  Please visit their detailed blog here

Leah A from Aberdeenshire says "My girl got a nasty wound to her leg in February and proud flesh has been something we have struggled with all the way. She has had minor surgery to remove excess but it grew back just as quick. I found Equaide online and thought "what have I got to lose by trying it". Well, i can honestly say this is one of the best products I have ever bought! The left pic is 3 weeks ago with other proud flesh products, and the second is after the first 3 days of using Equaide!! Can't wait to see more results!"  Post note - the third pic is a week later.  The protrusion of proud flesh is noticeably less.  Leah says "Today I took off the bandage, and was once again amazed by the difference! I love your product!!! The picture is from today, 6 days since last one."  This is despite the horse managing to remove the bandages on a daily basis.

Emma S from Dorset says "My horse had a nasty proud flesh wound on her leg, Equaide is amazing the leg has almost now healed.. Equine First Aid was also amazing and gave me lots if advice by email and on the telephone.. My first aid kit will always have a pot of Equaide from now on!!!"


Sara E from Bury says: "It did a fab job. Thank you for all your help. Will definitely recommend to anyone and use again."

Niamh M from Westmeath in Ireland says:  "I don't think any first aid kit should be without Equaide, so I'm getting another pot to have to hand in case of emergencies, I will never be without a tub of this wonder stuff!!! Wound is progressing nicely, Every time I go to change the bandage, or clean it, its improved soo soo much every single time. Its unbelievable stuff, Im telling anyone who will listen about it! I have started him back in work, just in walk, yesterday. Which 5 weeks ago I thought we would be out for months and months."

Nicola G from Clacton-On-Sea says:  "We would just like to say a huge thank you for your 24/7 help and support with Pepper.  With you and your magic Equaide solution we got through the worst of Pepper's injuries without veterinary intervention."

Sara from the Falkland Islands says:  "The product Equaide is working wonders. The progress we have seen is far more better than what the vets were doing. The skin is growing back and its looks much healthier.  We have promoted your product down here as its such good stuff :)"

Jayshea Wilbraham from Powys enthuses "I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your Equaide. I came across it when googling on ways to get rid of Proud Flesh for my TB who had a heel wound that wouldn't stop growing it. I bought it and used it for a short time on her but as it was only a small wound it didnt take long to go and i put the little tub in my cupboard and thought no more about it.  Recently another of my horses got caught in a barb wire fence, at first sight, the wound didn't look too horrendous, so cleaned and bandaged up. 2 days later the true nature of the wound started to show itself and I realised it was going to be a long hard slog of dressing and bandaging it. The vets said it would take months to heal. Due to the site of the wound, keeping dressing in place was proving to be difficult and were lasting only one day before sliding down. I bought a Pressage bandage and kept on dressing. Then the dreaded proud flesh started sprouting. Over 2 days what had been healing very slowly had burst back open as the proud flesh ripped away the new growth of skin creeping in from the edges. Within a few days it looked worse than ever, and this is when i remembered my little pot. I thought I've got nothing to lose apart from more money if the vet has to come to remove the proud flesh so I'll give it a go.
2 days later i changed the dressing and wow! There stuck to the dressing was a layer of proud flesh! Slowly the proud flesh disappeared allowing the healthy skin tissue to start growing again. I repeated the application every 2 - 3 days and the wound looked as good as a wound can look and was now neat and flat so the skin could grow.  Ive attached photos (I wish i had taken photos at its worst but typical i forgot) but the last 2 photos are within a week of each other.  If only i had used this product from day 1 i think I would have halved the healing time down! Never again will I be without a pot! This product really does work!"

Alison Blasdale from Gloucestershire says "Just wanted to say what a brilliant product Equaide is! My TB cut himself badly under his front leg after a fall, in a really tricky position, the wound would not support staples, or stitches as they popped out every time Harry moved his leg! The vet was worried and did not know what to do as the wound would just pop open the whole time. Two courses of antibiotics and lots of antiseptic cream did not help. Then I tried Equaide. I did not know what it would do, but within a week the wound was dry and starting to heal, despite Harry living out in the field and running around! After two weeks the wound was healed with a healthy scab and there was no sign of proud flesh, despite the wound having been deep and having quite a large flap of skin hanging down. The vet was amazed. The wound is now virtually invisible four weeks on and Harry is perfectly sound. Hair is now re growing and the wound is going to leave no scar. Fantastic! Thanks x"

Nicola W from Essex writes "I would like to recommend Equaide, the product was great for Jester's leg, he had old scar that he managed to open up, when he had cellulitis. I was unable to bandage the area because of the scar. Using the Equaide removed any proud flesh and protected  the open wound from infection and we managed to grow new skin using Equaide. When this has happened to Jesters leg in the past its taken over 9 months to heal even though Jester was a lot younger then, with the use of Equaide its taken 4 months, and he is now 22 with mild cushings (which slows down the healing process). The new skin that's grown is so healthy. I'm really pleased with the results and cannot recommend this product enough"

Lyn Dempsey says "My mare had a run of bad luck resulting in a deep laceration right into her knee. That healed and she re cut the same area but not deep. Then cut the hind leg cannon. All 3 wounds have healed well. Two are still healing but are dry and not discharging at all. There is some swelling to the cannon bone but that seems to be tendon related. The actual wounds have done very well. They are no longer dressed and I just clean and reapply Equaide as needed. My vet has been given regular updates and seems to be impressed with the results even though I used it against his advice. He may well be a convert!  I used Equaide a few years ago and it was great then too. I regularly recommend it to anyone whose horse has a wound."

Neil from Warwickshire "Just thought I would give you an update. In a nutshell we are stunned with how well this wound is healing. Its been about 10 days since we started using it (properly!), and i reckon the wound is half the size that it was. My concerns over proud flesh were unfounded....the vet (Bridget) had a look and gave it a clean up. Think she was suitably impressed as well. So now each day or two, we give it a gentle clean and reapply equaide a bit as required, and now we are just waiting for the cap of Equaide to fall off. Thank you very much for your help and advice and please pass on our thanks to the "inventor" of this superb product."

Lester from Somerset "Hi just to catch up I brought Equaide of you some weeks ago now as my horse had stood on his own back leg tried everything in the book to heal but nothing worked .. my vet told me about this Equaide so I ordered of you and within weeks it heeled will put pics on of his leg thank you so much now I have this only in my first aid box for the yard"

Juliet from Oxfordshire "Just ordered another pot of equaide, I have used two pots over the past 9 years and thought you might be interested in the use of it since I bought the first pot.  We used the first pot on horse that had a really deep cut in its back leg which developed proud flesh (classic example). However I have used Equaide very successfully on an old pony who had to be on pergolide as he developed cushings in old age, and periodically would start rubbing his body raw. We were told by the vets to use betnovate, but because the sores were weeping, the betnovate would not stick, neither would any other creams. I painted equaide onto the weeping areas and usually within 24 hours these areas had dried up and new skin began to form below the crusts. It really was a life saver for our old boy and I would recommend its use to anyone with similar problems. I always use equaide on delicate areas especially where creams are going to be rubbed off, such as the face. Sadly our old pony passed on around two years ago, but it really helped him be comfortable during his last two years."

Laura from Lymington: "Firstly I would like to say a big thankyou to you for your help with Megans sutiuation. I cannot believe how quickly her leg is healing. I have sent some pictures below so you can see her progress. Thankyou for such an amazing product! I will recommend this product to everyone I know! Im going to be ordering a lot more of it too. After 6 weeks of worrying and expensive vet bills, this product comes a long and almost heals it within a week!"

Gemma from Argyll "Hello Equaide People.  I was recommended Equaide after my horse gave herself some very nasty lower leg wounds earlier this year. It has now become my first aid box essential and every horse owner should have one! It worked so amazingly well and healed wounds that no other lotion or potion had had any effect on. The scarring left is minimal, I actually struggle to find it when showing folk! The latest horse disaster we have had was rain scald and yet again Equaide has been the answer to this! I can't recommend it highly enough and am very thankful for its creation!"